Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bumps along the way

This has been an up and down, but mostly down week with finances. We had to purchase a new car battery for my daughter. That was $120, then we had another car issue which was $100 and required the use of the credit card, which had just been paid off! This was me:
Paying off credit card only to incur a new balance 24 hours later!

This is so frustrating, but  through this, I am reminded that there are things that are absolutely, beyond my control and that I am blessed beyond measure and have so much to be grateful for. So, I choose joy and gratitude today. I choose to keep going moving forward, trusting God each step along the way. Praise Him!
Remembering that in God alone is my hope. He has made me GLAD!

Highlights of the week:
1. Saved $15 using coupons at Kroger
2. Enjoyed time in the Word and fellowshipping with a good friend
3. Participated in blogging boot camp led by Latonya at! She's tough!
4. Used a gift card to get treats for myself and my daughter at TJ Maxx
5. Watched "Duke". It was really good. Get your Kleenex ready..
6. Enjoyed good health. Lots of people sick with flu right now.
7. Daily 15 sec hug and kiss from my 15 yr-old son.

Keep looking away to Him!


  1. I love how you find the positive in rough times. It is something I really need to do way more.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jenn. It's not easy, but the only way that helps me to keep moving forward.